Damai Group Seeks Your Help

By amir azree on Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

AN established movement for people confined to the wheelchair, or spinal wheelers as they are sometimes referred to, the Petaling Jaya-based Damai Disabled Persons Association of Selangor & WP (Damai), seeks your support.

“Our mission is to assist as many disabled persons as possible to live a normal, independent life through our activities. These activities range from imparting job-related skills to education and financial assistance.Since 1998, thousands of disabled persons have benefited from our activities,” its president, V.Murugeswaran said.

“This year, our key objective is to obtain the support of corporate organisations to assist us in purchasing two vans to provide mobility for more than 150 Damai members. This is because the present condition of our public transport system remains largely inaccessible especially to wheelchair users.”

To raise the funds needed,Damai is organising a charity dinner and show at the Holiday Villa Hotel Subang Jaya on Oct 3. Damai was established in 1998 to reach out to the disabled and to help them to be independent. It believes the disabled should not be confined to their houses, but come out and learn to be self-independent.

“At Damai, we help these individuals to cope with their disabilities,” Murugeswaran said.

The Damai Training Centre provides computer classes, runs a wheelchair repair workshop and helps the disabled seek employment and leadership training, abroad as well for the qualified.

“Our primary objective is to educate people on the importance of living independently. We hope to unite disabled people,urban or rural, to realise our aim of creating an independent disabled community that will be on par with the rest of society,”he added.

To learn more, go to the organisation’s webpage at http://www.damai.org.my/ or email them at info@damai.org.my Contact 603 77823603