damaihomeDAMAI was formed in 1998 and we are proud to say that it has made significant diferences in the lives of those who have approached us. Damai strives to bring the disabled back into the society and don’t want them to be seen as a burden to anyone including their own families.

The association set up in 1998 by two disabled persons,V.Murugeswaran, 39, and M.Manoharan, 54, has benefited more than 1,000 disabled persons in Malaysia through its activities. With the help of the disabled, about 300 disabled people who lacked self confidence and harboured negative outlook in life have been transformed into independent and confident souls.

murugeswaranMr V. Murugeswaran the current president whom had a chance to represent Malaysia for the Young Leadership Exchange Programme in Eugene Oregon, United States of America, brought in the initial idea of Independent Living Center concept which is in widely practiced in every state of America in 1997. read more about Mr.V.Murugeswaran

Damai is non-profitable organization representing Malaysian Disabled from all walks of life. Damai has been managed by the disabled themselves for the past twenty years and DAMAI have helped thousands of disabled and non-disabled in various aspects.

We provide our members with vocational skills which indirectly assist them in the realm of financial skills. It is also to be noted that the main function of Damai is on rehabilitation and teach the disabled on how to live independently, as such we have limited programme in realm of financial skills.

The disabled people should not stay at home but come out and learn to be self-independent. At Damai we help disabled individual to cope with their disabilities. Since its inception, Damai has helped numerous disable individuals to improve their lives. At the Damai Training Centre, we provide computer classes, wheelchair workshop besides helping them to seek employment and also provide opportunity to those who qualified to undergo leadership training abroad.